How to Get Around a New City When Traveling Solo

Some people tear walking around in a new city when traveling solo. And this is understandable because safety should always be a priority for a solo traveler. How you tour a new city impacts how you enjoy it. Here are helpful tips to help you get around a new city when traveling solo.

Orient Yourself

If you’re short on your time and looking to get a better overview of the new city, a hop-on, hop-off tour can help. That’s because it enables you to get a new city’s overview without digging into the specifics.


Another brilliant way to know a city or even understand the culture of the people living in it is walking. When you walk, you slow down when you notice nuances. You also pause to study something, like a building’s design. Thus, you can analyze various aspects of a city better when walking.

Use Local Transit

Perhaps, you’re traveling to a city where people don’t speak the English language. In that case, research the transportation system before traveling. Understand how to move from the airport to your hotel. You can ask the way around from the staff at your hotel. Also, look for special deals and passes for tourists.

Research the City

Before traveling, take your time to research the city. For instance, explore popular attractions in the town or learn where you can get the best deals on the things you want to purchase or enjoy in the city.

Final Thoughts

Getting around a new city can feel intimidating when traveling solo. However, you can explore your travel destination and enjoy what it offers if you research and plan your time well. Ideally, decide on the things to do and see while in the city. After that, schedule your time in the town around your goals or vision.