How to Tame Travel Tension During the Holiday

It is necessary to endure the stress of travel and leave the comfort of your home because it is an essential part of celebrating with your loved ones. So, whether driving to your Grandma’s for Thanksgiving or flying to celebrate the holiday with family in another country, try these stress-reduction tips to enjoy the holidays.

Take Charge of Your Breathing and Posture

When you slump while seated, you experience shallow, rapid breathing, which can trigger your body’s stress response due to the close relationship between breathing patterns and posture. It’s a never-ending cycle of physical and mental stress.

As a result, it is critical to control your breathing by adjusting your posture and taking five or six long, deep breaths while concentrating on moving your low ribs.

Drink Plenty of Nonalcoholic Beverages

Since our bodies are mostly water, hydration is essential for proper joint lubrication and circulation. As a result, muscle cramps and achy joints while traveling are due to your fluid intake. However, dehydration impacts more than just your physical health because it raises primary stress hormone levels, which can lead to feelings of anxiety, exhaustion, and overall irritability.

Take Every Opportunity to Stand and Walk

Most people at the airport are seated at the gate, waiting to board their flight, and will undoubtedly stay placed for several hours or more. Because prolonged sitting can harm one’s health, it is best to break up periods of sitting by standing and walking around whenever possible.

The Bottom Line

Despite all the joys the holidays bring, it’s essential to recognize how seasonal travel can unintentionally drag you down. Keep travel anxiety at the lagoon and your vacation spirits high by following the advice in this article.