Things to Do During a Long Flight

Things to Do During a Long Flight

Many people dread long flights when traveling for leisure or business. Generally, long flights can be boring especially when the in-flight movies are not appealing and the Wi-Fi is down. In any of these cases, many people opt to listen to music, sleep, or read. However, these things get old very fast when the flight is long. Nevertheless, there are productive things that you can do during a long flight.

Organize Your Mobile Phone

Use this time to organize your cell phone. For instance, free up memory in your phone by getting rid of the apps that you no longer use. You can also delete embarrassing photos or organize apps on the basis of their categories. You may categorize apps into fitness apps, travel apps, and music apps.

Listen to Great Podcasts

Podcasts provide great entertainment. And, you can download podcasts and listen to them any time you want. So, if you have already downloaded podcasts into your phone, listen to them during the long flight.

Create Several Music Playlists

Perhaps, you have disorganized music in your phone. Use apps that allow you to create playlists to organize and listen to music. You can create playlists on the basis of your activities or interest. For instance, create a workout playlist, travel playlist, road trip playlist, and party playlist among others.

Create a Diet or Exercise Plan

To be successful, your diet or exercise plan requires careful planning. Start by writing down the goals of your plan. For a workout plan, decide on the exercises that you will do on specific days. Include reps, duration, and sets. For a diet plan, create a list of the foods that you like and don’t like. Decide on the foods that you will eat for dinner, breakfast and lunch. Remember to include snacks in your diet plan.


There are many things that you can learn during a long flight. One of them is a new language. The internet has many apps and websites where you can learn different languages. And learning new languages will definitely boost your career.

You can also learn how to draw during a long flight. You just need a pencil and a sketchbook to sharpen your drawing skills. You can also use a tablet and a stylus. Save the photos that you draw in your phone and use them as a reference.

Another thing that you can learn during a long flight is coding. Coding is an important skill and there are numerous programming languages to explore. There are also many free references including Code Academy and W3Schools that you can use to learn. For most coding languages like CSS and HTML, you just need a text editor like Sublime or Notepad.

Basically, these are some of the things that you can do during a long flight. If you intend to travel in a plane for several hours, it’s important that you pack the necessary items to do them. This will make a long flight seem shorter and interesting.