Useful Travel Tips for Cancer Patients

Useful Travel Tips for Cancer Patients

Traveling is in the bucket lists of most people. When you learn that you have cancer, you may consider squeezing in a great trip before you start to undergo treatment. Nevertheless, there are things that you should know and do to make your trip better. Here are travel tips for cancer patients that you should follow if you have been diagnosed with cancer and you want to travel.

Talk to Your Doctor

It’s important for a cancer patient to talk to their doctor before they travel. Talking to your doctor about your intended trip enables you to be sure that traveling is safe for you. Your doctor will share precautions that you should take when you travel. Additionally, they will tell you what you should do in case you feel sick while traveling. If necessary, the doctor will recommend the vaccinations to get before the trip and the most ideal travel insurance policy to buy.

Investigate Your Destination

Your immune system can be weakened by cancer treatments like radiation therapy, steroid therapy and chemotherapy. These treatments can also limit vaccinations’ effectiveness. Therefore, before you travel, conduct some research on the vaccinations that you should take when traveling. Find out if their effectiveness will be affected by the cancer treatments that you may undergo before you travel.

Protect Your Skin Carefully

Radiation therapy and chemotherapy make the skin of cancer patients very sensitive to damage by sun. The effect can be permanent or temporary. Therefore, be extra careful when it comes to protecting your skin. Avoid exposure to direct sunlight by wearing sunscreen, hat, and protective clothing.

Carry Medication

Make sure that you have prescription medication with you. Carry enough medication because you are not sure that you will get it at your travel destination. Additionally, carry the note from your doctor that explains medical necessity especially if you need special supplies. What’s more, monitor your health closely. For instance, stay hydrated while avoiding viruses and germs. Also get enough rest to keep up with recovery and strength.

Buy Travel Insurance

Don’t think that cancer patients can’t get travel insurance because some travel insurance plans exclude pre-existing health conditions. It’s possible to get travel insurance cover for your trip. You just need to be medically stable, buy the insurance early and cover all non-refundable and pre-paid trip payments.

Follow these useful travel tips for cancer patients to make your trip safe, comfortable and memorable.